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[Ark • e • us] the vital principle that, according to Paracelsians, directs and maintains the growth and continuation of living beings.

Dont' let your anger control you. Contact Archeus for assistance with Anger Management and Coping Skills

If you are easily frustrated, quick to anger, or your anger tends to cause difficulties in your relationships or at work then this program can help you manage your anger. My anger management treatment combines CBT and psychodynamic methods that help you first get your anger in control and then help you understand the source of your anger.

You will learn to maintain control of your anger by developing skills that help you increase your awareness of your angry feelings, identify your anger triggers, replace angry behaviors with more adaptive behaviors and improve your communications skills so you don't need to be angry to get what you need.

If anger and frustration are interfering with your life, then you may need some help. Contact us for a free consultation.

Contact Archeus for assistance with your anger.

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