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[Ark • e • us] the vital principle that, according to Paracelsians, directs and maintains the growth and continuation of living beings.

Biopolar Disorder Treatment Group

Our bipolar treatment program is a psychoeducation treatment group for individuals with bipolar disorder. It is a highly effective, focused, evidence-based treatment program that first educates you on the disorder and then teaches you to manage it by:

• learning to identify and predict mood and behavioral triggers,

• recognizing how the disorder is affecting your perspective of yourself and others to help you reduce conflict,

• helping you control impulsive behaviors and

• improving your judgement and decision making.

This program meets once weekly for 22 weeks. We are now enrolling for our next group beginning in mid July. For more information contact Dr. Mark Ingram.

Victims of Domestic Violence Program

Dianne Kline, LMFT, leads co-ed a support group for victims of domestic violence. The group meets once weekly for 90 minutes. For additional information, contact Dianne Kline.

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