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Don't let Trauma, Abuse or PTSD stall your life. Archeus Psychological Associates can help you resolve your trauma so you can move forward again.

Trauma can result from a significant event or from the accumulation of smaller events. If you have been a victim of violence or emotional abuse, witnessed a violent act, or lived under the threat of violence chances are you will be able to heal yourself given time.

However, some people are unable to heal themselves. If you repeatedly re-experience the traumatic event, are hypersensitive to or avoid situations that might induce feelings similar to the event, find your fear and anxiety are creating difficulties in your daily life and relationships—then you may have PTSD and will need help to work through the trauma.

We have specialized training and experience providing treatment to individuals experiencing PTSD. We work with individuals in the California Victims of Violent Crimes Program and Dr. Ingram is one of the few independent Army Onesource providers in the Los Angeles area. We provide private and confidential treatment to members of our military, veterans, law enforcement, emergency personnel, and individuals working in high-risk professions.

If you have experienced trauma or abuse and believe it may be interfering with your life, then you may need some help. Contact us for a free consultation.

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